A River User’s Guide to Punting

Published in 2021, this is a 10 page guide to river users about punts and punting. It is aimed at informing other river users about this sport which is often poorly understood. The information is designed to help ensure all can get more enjoyment out of their time on the river. It also details the parts of the Thames where punting is most likely to be active.

The shortened version of the River Users Guide has been produced for the River Users Group sites. This could also be used by other rowing, sailing, canoeing and commercial sites in the vicinity of punting clubs to inform their members and customers about punts and punting -all aimed at ensuring everyone can get maximum enjoyment from their time on the River Thames.

Handbook of the Thames Punting Club

This updated 41 page Handbook was published in August 2020, updating the previous version issued in 2000. It includes the rules for punt racing and amateur regattas, notes for umpires and the rules for inter-club punting. Also included are details of the annual competitions  for the Morris Trophy and the Ivy Pardoe Cup. Finally it gives a brief history of the TPC and punting.

Guide to the racing punting stroke

Propelling a racing punt is a particular skill…this guide tells you all you need to know.